The Second Question I Get Most Often From New Investors is

“How Do I Raise the Money I Need to Buy Real Estate?”

Here’s a Newsflash: I’ve Solved That Problem For You!


Welcome to my Real Estate Private Money 101 Training Program.

I’ve used this straightforward program to raise $1,637,650 in private money for my real estate deals, including the funds I used to buy my first apartment building with none of my own money!

And in fact I have so much private money sitting on the sidelines right now that after last week I’m not taking on new investors at this time. Did you catch that? I said I’m not taking on new investors at this time.

Have you ever heard a real estate investor say that before? Well the only way that I know of for you to get yourself into the same position to say that is with my Real Estate Private Money 101 system.

It’s the only system that I know of that teaches you how to attract private investors instead of chase after them. This is the only program that teaches that approach.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in the Real Estate Private Money 101 Training Program:

  • How to create and polish your own story. This is CRITICAL to getting private money, and it’s the thing most overlooked by real estate investors. That means it’s one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd that’s looking feverishly for private investors. (Module 2)
  • The diabolical ways I’ve created for approaching the people you already know. They are the best source of private money on the planet. Few if any real estate investors know the right way to do this without scaring them away. (Module 3)
  • How to network to find the right people that will become your private investors. At some point you’re going to run out of people you know, so it’s critical that you meet the right kinds of new people. I don’t know any other real estate investors that do this correctly because you’re not going to find them at your local REIA meeting. The best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of time. (Module 4)
  • How to use social media tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter) to draw people into your business – in less than 3 hours per week. There are right ways and wrong ways to use each of these tools. Using them correctly will further separate you from the crowd. One of these tools has been the #1 source for private investors for me over the last two years. (Module 5)


Listen to the Real Estate Private Money Quick Start Conference Call Here:

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And here are the details of what’s included in the Real Estate Private Money 101 Training Program:

Module 1: Introduction to Real Estate Private Money 101


As I mentioned, I believe in keeping things simple. So we start at the beginning, with a mile-high view that sets the stage for everything else. You’ll learn…

 ……All the dumb things I tried to raise private money that didn’t work

……The path I took to understand what it really takes to attract private money

……How to best consume and digest this program

……How to get the most out of it possible

……A little more about me, and my experiences


When you walk into a new shopping mall for the first time with no concept of how it’s laid out, what’s the first thing you want to do? Find the mall map!

That’s what this module is. It’s your “mall map” for the rest of the course. A starting point, that’ll show you exactly where we’re going and what’s in store.


Module 2: Creating and Polishing Your Own Story


This is the part that almost all real estate investors overlook before they start looking for private money. And it’s one of the most important things to do.

I’ll show you how to take your own experience – your successes, challenges, problems, mistakes, and failures, in your personal and business life, and create a compelling story about your business that will captivate and hook potential investors and make sure they remember you.

This module walks through, in detail, the specific steps you need to take to create your story. It’s a must for all real estate investors looking for private money. I’ve had incredible success using mine.



Module 3: Approaching the People You Already Know


Contrary to what most people think, the people that know you best are the very best sources of Private Money. They key is letting them know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

I’ll show you how to expose your business to the people that you know in completely unthreatening ways. That includes situations to look for and specific ways to expose your business to get the widest possible impact – all without ever asking for money.

This module walks through the groups to target, what to say, and how to publicize your business without pitching it. I was blown away by how well this worked.



Module 4: Networking to Expand Your Circle of Potential Private Investors


Sooner or later you’re going to run out of people to expose your business to. That means part of your approach needs to focus on meeting new people and expanding your circle of friend and colleagues. The key, again, is to consistently meet new people and let them know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

I’ll show you the profile of my ideal private investor, and show you the groups and organizations where they can be found.

This module walks through the process of identifying the ideal private investor and shows you specific steps on how to break through the barriers and get to know them. Doing this opened doors for me that I couldn’t even imagine!




Module 5: Writing and Publishing Your Own Short Book


This is one of the “secret weapons” of supercharging your credibility. Why? Because having a book listed on Amazon gives you instant credibility! Nobody else in my market has done it, and that has set me far apart from the crowd of people looking for private money.

I’ll show you how to write and publish your book in as little as 140 days – start to finish – because I’ve done it! And the best part is that you’ll be absolutely shocked by how easy it is.

This module walks through the specific steps of organizing your book and getting it published, and shows you all the tools and techniques that I used to get my book published and listed on Amazon.



Module 6: Introduction to Social Media


Social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn are critical to the success of the Oblique Approach because they let you talk about your business regularly and consistently in a non-threatening way. Where else can you talk about the properties you’re looking at and the deals you’re doing like that?

I’ll show you how to get set up on each tool, and more importantly, how to use each effectively and appropriately to publicize your business.

These four separate modules walk through, in detail, how to get set up on each tool and how to use them without spending endless hours doing it. I also include a weekly schedule that shows you which sites to post to on what days, so you can tackle them all in two hours or less per week.

The best part? I have funded deals simply by posting non-pitch posts on these sites.


Module 7: Using LinkedIn to Find Potential Private Investors


LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals. It’s built for, attracts, and connects people with big job titles and even bigger salaries – exactly the type of people you’re looking for to be your private investors! I don’t know of a higher concentration of them anywhere. The average salary of LinkedIn users is over $100,000.

I’ll show you how to get set up on LinkedIn and how to use it effectively and appropriately to meet potential private investors. And here’s a tip – there are unwritten rules of engagement for using LinkedIn, more so than any other social media site. Break them and you risk getting shut out of the loop – permanently. I go through them in this Module so you don’t step on any landmines.

This module walks through how to get set up on LinkedIn and how to use it. I show you how to quickly establish and expand your network, and how to use Groups, Answers, and Events to be visible, establish your credibility, and connect with your target private investor.



Module 8: Expanding Your Visibility Using twitter


I call twitter the stupidest site you can’t live without. With it you can get short updates out to dozens or hundreds of targeted followers and keep yourself visible to them. What started out to me as a joke has mushroomed into a site so critical to my private money that I’m on it every day. And guess what? So are a lot of potential private investors. So you need to be on it regularly tweeting about your business.

I’ll show you how to get set up on twitter and how to use it effectively and appropriately as well. There are far fewer rules of engagement here, but they exist and you’ll learn them. You’ll also learn the triple secret way I used twitter to get a full-page write-up of my business in the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine.

This module walks through how to get set up on twitter and the two step process for using it appropriately when you’re just starting out. I’ll also show you how to quickly find and establish a list of highly targeted people to follow.



Module 9: Using Facebook Personal Pages


Over 300 million people are using Facebook. That means that a lot of potential private investors are using it, and odds are you are too. But have you thought about the potential impact your personal page could have on your business? I rarely use my personal page at all for anything but business now.

Even though you probably have a personal Facebook page I’ll show you how to get set up on it. I’ll also show you how I integrate twitter and Facebook so I can make the best use of my time.

This module walks through setting up a personal Facebook page, and I also show you how this page fits into your overall Oblique Approach strategy.




Module 10: The Secret Weapon – Facebook Fan Pages


Your Facebook business, or “Fan” page is the focal point of your online activity with Apartment Private Money 101. Everything you do on the other social media sites will be done to drive people to this page. The reason? Because this is where you’re going to go into detail on what you’re doing in your business so people can follow it.

I’ll show you how to set up your own Fan page, walk you through the keys to having an effective page, and show you the value of having a custom “Welcome” page. I’ll also show you a couple of quick ways that I used to drive people to the page so they could “Like” it.

This module walks you through setting up a Facebook Fan page and shows you how to get started with it quickly. I also show you a diabolical way to use other heavily trafficked sites to publicize yours, and how to get others to post content on your page.


Module 11: Putting the Social Media Pieces Together


This is your step-by-step roadmap on how to use these social media tools without them taking over your life. Face it – social media can be the world’s biggest time suck, and quite franly I don’t have the time or desire to use them for fun and games. I use them pretty much exclusively for finding private investors.

I’ll show you how to do the same thing – how to effectively and efficiently use these sites – in three hours or less per week. That’s all it takes to attract a large number of potential private investors to your business.


This module walks through the “Quick Start” strategy for getting up and running on all of them quickly. It also provides a weekly “posting schedule” so you’ll know exactly which day of the week to post where.


Bonus Module 12: Using Facebook Ads to Attract Private Investors


If you’re a Facebook user you’ve already seen hundreds of ads targeted to your personal Facebook profile: your age, your gender, your location, the movies you like, the music you listen to, etc. What very few real estate investors understand is that Facebook ads can also be used to bring people to your Facebook Fan Page – and into your business. Which is exactly where you want them, so they can look over your shoulder and see what you’re doing.

I’ll show you how ads work, how to set them up, and also how to specifically target the people you’re looking for to be your private investors. Sure it’s going to cost a couple of bucks to run your ads, but if you can attract just one private investor using them would that be worth it? I think so. One of my private investors came to my page directly through an ad. And then he offered me money.


Special Bonus: My Private Money Pitch Package


I struggled with how to present my deals to my private investors for years. I experimented with different approaches and finally stuck paydirt. This is a 10 page document that’s the perfect summary to present to your private investors. It has space for pictures, numbers, and bio information about you. And I’m giving it to you in MS Word format so all you need to do is replace my information with yours, then hand it to your private investor. It’s that simple. You can’t buy this anywhere from anyone at any price, but you can get it – FREE – as a Bonus when you invest in the Private Money 101 System. This alone is worth the price of the entire course!

So here’s what you get:

Real Estate Private Money 101 Program




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